Donations of money and other items poured forth abundantly from everywhere.  On May 31, 1981, we marched into our very own house of worship while "We Have Come To Praise His Name" being played on a beautiful new piano donated to the church by Deacon Drayton and Sister Long.  Ministers in attendance for for the March  service were: Reverend william Harris, true Light baptist Church, reverend Charlie selman, god's Love for People Outreach, Reverend Charles Matthews, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Reverend Scott Merriwheather, St. John baptist Church and Reverend Clark.  There was a host of relatives and friends from Youngstown, Washington, North Carolina and from all over the city.  the musicians for the services were Sister Barbara Collier and Sister theressa Graham.  Soloist Ms. Lisa "Sunshine" Smith and Sister Shirley Parker of Youngtown, Ohio.  From that day on we continued to grow and God was and still is first in all that we do.

God has blessed Lake Galilee to be a springboard for some of our cities ministers.  Under the leadership of Pastor Price; Reverend Jimmie D. Smith, Reverend Michael McKenzie, Reverend Ronald Morrison, Reverend John Harrison, Minister Acquanetta Bailey, Reverend Stevie Marcus, Reverend Anton Hardy, Reverend Elliott Clark, Reverend Eldridge Black, Reverend Robert Miller, and Reverend Eddie Phillips were ordained and licensed here at Lake Galilee Baptist Church.  Minister Eddie Phillips make up our current ministerial staff.

We've had many accomplishments over the past years they include: A new sanctuary which we occupied in July of 1989, Sister Mayme Fisher (with the Lord) spearheaded a fund raiser in order to purchase our new pews.  We purchased the surrounding properties to enlarge our parking lot and add a gym (completed in 1999).  In 2000 we completed a new study for the pastor and a beautiful ladies lounge.  We purchased a television set, VCR, overhead projector, office equipment to assist us as we continue our studies of Gods Word.  We also added a conference room and the secretaries now have their won office space and no longer need to cowd the Pastor out of his study.  A Men's Ministry was started under the leadership of Minister Robert Miller and with the help on some of our members and the men, "The Church Without Walls" was dedicated this year.  The Children's Church has grown under the leadership of Sister Sunday Scarboroug and Brother ron Wells.  The late Minister Anton Hardy has done a wonderful job in leading the Young Adults & Young Staff.

A higher educationn is always a plus.  The Pastor strongly suggest and always encourages a high level of schooling and we have done just that.  Many youth have graduated from colleges and law schools while others have received certificates and associates degrees from Moody Bible Institute,  John Carroll University, Phoenix University and many other schools, universities and vocational training classes. Evangelical Teacher Association, Maranatha Bible Institute, and Baptist Bible Institute are others schools our members have attended.  Our Teachers Training Classes under the leadership of Deacon Booker Johnson has grown and is helping to produce a great teaching staff with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Today we're happy to have students young and old whose continued participation in college, seminars, workshops, or educational institutions is a big part of our success.

Our present ministries are: Deacon & Trustee Board, Gospel Choir, Adult & Young Adult Usher Boards, Nurses Guild, Mothers Board, Sunday School, Monday & Tuesday Evening Bible Study, Prayer Band, Evangelistic Team, Children Church, New Membership Classes.