Lake Galilee had its birth and humble beginning in the home of Rev. and Mrs. Johnny Price, 4217 East 189th Street, Cleveland Ohio on April 29th, 1980 at 7:30 p.m.  Pastor Price stated that our purpose was to "minister to the needs of others by giving and helping through the corner stone, Jesus Christ."  Our motto was at that time and still is "God first, Others Second, and Self Last".  Each person present whether joining or not was made a chartered member.  The number in attendance that night was 21.  From that night on, the Lord richly blessed Lake Galilee.

Our first services were held in the Gaines Funeral Home on Union Avenue, May 11, 1980.  Mr. Gaines, who has now gone home to be with the Lord, freely opened his facility to us for as long as we needed them, extending to us every courtesy possible.

Our first elected officials were: Rev John Price, Pastor and Leader.  Deacons: Dea Drayton Long and Dea. Booker Johnson.  Secretary Sister Judy Johnson and Assistant Secretary Sister Louise Price.  Treasurer: Bro. Maynard Lowe.  Trustees: Bro. Maynard Lowe and Sister Elnora Marcus.  Financial Secretary: Sister Mamie Long.  Clerk: Sister Jackie Jones and assistant clerk Sister Lillian Torrance.  God has blessed us to add many more fine people to the official staff.

​We continued to worship in Gaines Funeral Home with God's Holy Spirit as our guide.  During this time, the Lord sent many people to help us.  Literature for Sunday School was first donated to us by Sister Gertrude Ribbons of the Ribbons Book Store.  Rev William Harris (who is now with the Lord) opened his church to us for baptismal services and afternoon programs.  Sister Barbara Collier of the Olivet Institutional Baptist Church (who is now with the Lord) freely gave her services to our musical department whenever she could.  Sister Teresa Graham (then of the United Missionary Baptist Church) also contributed her time.  We were blessed to have other fine musicians: Sister Roselind Winfrey, Sister Cottage, Sister Karen Jones who before her untimely death, gave us a number of wonderful years of great spiritual guidance and music, Bro. george and sister Dorothy Taylor are now with the Lord, never fail to lift the name of Jesus with great hymns and songs of praise.  We were also blessed to have had Brother Jacob Searcy.

As we journeyed on in the Lord, many people joined and as a result our first baptismal service was held on  Saturday, July 26, 1980 at theTrue Light Baptist Church, 1791 East 55th Street, Cleveland Ohio.  The candidates were Richard Marcus, Regina Louise Johnson, and Charles Price.

As  we began to grow, we saw the need for a larger facility of our own.  With much prayer and fasting, everyone set out to look for a building, but we knew to wait on the urging of the Holy Spirit for the right building to purchase.  The Lord saw fit to bless us with our present location, 3333 East 93rd street.  The property was acquired and renovations began with a lot of prayer and support by members as well as friends.