Pastor Emeritus, page 2

My Prayer for the Church

I pray that the church will become an evangelistic teaching and training church.  I pray that each and every member is taught and trained on how to evangelize.  It is our duty to tell the world about the Good news of Jesus Christ.  We must be Educated in His Word, Steadfast in his teachings, and filled with His Spirit.

I pray that your daily prayers are for the many lost souls.  Read and study books on how to pray and God's way of praying.

Always remember the youth, they too need a Church where they can grow, learn and have a youth Mimister to reach out to.  I pray that you will raise up our children in the ways of the Lord for they will be our future leaders.  Teach them how to love and respect themselves and one another.  Let them participate and share their ideas, encourage them, and always tell them you are proud of them and you Love them.

Set aside a "Day" for your Pastor and pray their strength in the Lord.  Keep me and Sis. Price in your prayers and pray that the church will continue to flourish.

I pray that you would all learn to forgive one another, that you would not hold grudges, nor hide envy or jealousy in our hearts.

May God's blessings be upon each of you,

Love Always, Pastor John L. Price